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Website Solutions for $99 to $899!

Ask About Our $95 Custom "Business Card" Sites!



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Custom Mini Sites - $99-$199

This website is ideal for those seeking for a quick and affordable solution, but with that slick custom look!  We will custom design a website that will have up to 3 buttons providing page content in a pop-up window format. 


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Semi-Custom Websites - $399
We have pre-built templates that we put our custom spin on to make look custom made for you!  Price includes domain name, up to 10 pages, 2 downloadable forms, Contact Us and basic meta-tagging service. This website is expandable and upgradeable!


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Full Custom Websites - $699

This website is ideal for anyone wanting an impressive website with great expandability!  Starting price comes stock with a custom designed "full-feature" website structure, up to 10 pages, 3 downloadable forms, 15 links.  Add an impressive flash header for a mini commercial!


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All websites require clients to submit page copy and images unless specified differently or upgrades are ordered.  However, in addition to professional page layout of client submitted copy/images, we will make corrections and recommendations wherever we see the opportunity to do so.


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Website Upgrades

Landing Page   $499.00
Flash Header         $75.00/$40 per panel
Flash Box    

 $45.00 (up to 5 images)

Content Development (we re-write your copy)   $45 per page
Photo/Image Acquisition (we find and purchase)      $15/$20/$25 per photo
*Additional Pages       $35 per page
Additional Images (placed on web page)      $5.00
Additional Design Submissions      $75 each
Additional Download Links     $15 each
Additional External Links      $5 each
Keyword Relevancy Upgrade  $25 per page
*What Defines a Page? (Click Here)

Upgrades Defined


Landing Page - This is a decorative welcome page added for purely aesthetic reasons.  Landing pages typically offer most of the menu buttons that the website offers, but once you click on any of the menu choices, visitors immediately enter the website and can only return to the landing page by clicking on the "Home" menu button.

Flash Header - The top portion of the website where we insert software that auto-loops slides that fit the width and length of the header.  Flash headers are a great way to liven up a website, as well as, provide customers a mini show (or commercial).  We charge $50 for the programming and $25 per panel we custom design to load into the flash header.

Flash Boxes - Very much like flash headers, only they are the shape of a square or window and are used to enhance page decor or illustration. These are ideal for before and after shots or just to auto-loop different products or services.  We charge $25 per flash box and $5 per photo loaded.

Content Development - We take your web page content and re-write it.  Most people struggle to develop engaging and/or relevant material for their business.  While we don't promise to be professional ad people, we do offer the service to help our customers.

Photo/Image Acquisition - We direct customers to high-quality outlets to search for suitable page illustrations or photo decor, but some customers would rather we did this for them.  $15-$20-$25 prices cover search time, purchase and depend on the size of photo that is needed.

These stock photos only offer limited-use licenses and products intended for resale or any other purpose than promotion for the company are not allowed.  You can have a photo on your company banner, but if you start reselling those banners... infringement.  Additional licensing may be available - contact your RightPros representative for any questions.

Additional Pages and Images -  If you need more pages than what come standard with the website you purchased and/or more than the standard allotted photos per page, then you can upgrade to get more.  However, if you are going use our photo recon service, then you don't need to pay double for this.

Additional Design Submissions - Our past pricing was based on the trial and error approach that it takes to developed a creative design. However, the customers we made our changes to service would then often say, "I just want something basic." Therefore, if you are looking for a specific look that we cannot achieve within the standard price, you can order additional submissions.  

Additional Links - Download links are generally PDFs or other documents that you can enable your customers to get from your website.  Realtors place property flyers, restaurants menus, businesses can place directions, coupons and a number things.  This is a good way to provide service to your customers while minimizing their need to call and bug you for such things.  External links refer to off-site places you can allow visitors to access.  You can link visitors to other websites you own, websites of vendors and even links to local resources as a courtesy.  Such links can cause your customers to frequent your website more!

Keyword Relevancy - Standard websites come with the placement of minimal key words (up to 3 per page) in the page meta tags.  However, in order to beef up Search Engine Optimization, not only can we add more, but we can ensure that the copy on each web page has actual presence of those key words (which search engine spiders look for to ensure your keywords represent actual website information.  While we provide this service, we do not claim to offer professional SEO service.  If that is something that is important to you, then you may want to consult with a SEO specialist or SEO company.



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