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Use Stream Send for Your Email Marketing!


When we do email marketing for either ourselves or our clients, we use StreamSend because it is easy and has lots of features.  First of all, you do not have to worry about being blacklisted as a spammer.  Although your email recipients will think the email is coming from you (or whoever you want), it is really going through StreamSend. Furthermore, you can organize, and sort your campaigns and even track the results real-time!

For example: X Amount opened the email, X Amount unsubscribed, X Amount clicked through to the website, etc.  Do you realize how awesome that is? Here's a example marketing strategy I picked up from the leading authority on Google Adwords marketing.

When I am going to broadcast to my list of 10,000 per say, I will go to my three "test folders" in which there is at least 200 (or so) sacrificial lambs. I then create three versions of the same email, each having a different subject line  and  each  having  a  different version of the same letter.  After I send the email out to all three lists, I can log onto StreamSend and see which subject line and which letter performed the best.  I then take the winning subject line and mate it with the winning letter and wella - blast it to the full list of 9,600! 

Tell me, how great is that!?!

Maybe You Want RightPros to Handle it?  Perhaps you are eager to start a thriving email marketing campaign but know that you will never do it if you do not hire someone to do it for you? We can help you: a) Acquire and Organize your Email Lists b) Develop and Test Market Your Campaigns c) Run Your Drip Campaigns and Report Progress. 

If that sounds like a little slice of heaven, call or Click Here.  Otherwise, enjoy StreamSend and good success in your marketing endeavors!




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